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Store Credit Policy

Please see click here for information about where to take your books for re-reading and reuse in the community. This list includes where to take your books for credit and for cash as well as redistribution options.


Here is our store credit policy. We hope it is straighforward and understandable. As always, please feel free to call us with any questions.
We choose used books on a book-by-book basis. We select books which are in excellent to very good used condition only. We will often take back used books you originally purchased from us as long as they are still in sellable condition (ie – not smoke or coffee damaged, chewed on by a toddler, etc.) 
 Western Sky Books offers our customers the option of a pick-up service – we will come to your home to pick up your used books, which saves you time and money!

To arrange for us to pick up used books from your home, please call 604-461-5602 or email us at
Please call to arrange for us to pick up your books from home, or bring your books to the store yourself.

You can bring your books at any time, and we do appreciate when customers call to ask if we are accepting books before they come in. Sometimes we have a sign out which indicates we are not taking books. On these days we will accept small bags of books but we will not accept boxes of books.
We look at small amounts of books 24 hours- 48 hours of your bringing them in. Depending on how busy we are and the number of boxes of books you brought in to us, it can take up to 5 days for us to look at your books in-store, but most will be looked at within 24 -48 hours.
If you are offering an estate collection or a large personal library of books please contact us at 604-461-5602 to arrange an appointment, and we will come to you.
Customers receive $.25 – $3.00 credit per book we choose to take for sale. The credit you receive depends on condition, age, cover price, and demand. Collections, special editions, and books which are within their first year of publication will be examined and considered for more credit. Please be sure to point out any books you feel fit in these categories.
Credit is applied to 50% of each used book purchase. Credit has no cash value.
New merchandise (gift wares, items which are not books) cannot be bought using credit.
$1 credit can be used towards the purchase of a new book, to a maximum of $5 credit (toward the purchase of 5 new books) in any purchase.
We do not offer cash payment for books at any time or under any circumstances.

A note about returns: books  and other items can be returned, with a receipt, within 7 days of purchase, as long as the item(s) to be returned is/are in the same/similar condition as when purchased, still has our sticker, etc. After 7 days, books can be handed in for credit at the usual assessed amounts. Returned books bought with gift cards will have the value of the purchase refunded to a gift card, not to cash.